Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 9
We put this point in recollection of a statement by the late Mr James Cogan, one of the founders of the Gaelic League, who was employed in Dublin as a Census clerk in 1891’. Mar chabhair d’údair an chuntais seo fuair Gréagóir Ó Broin, Gaeilgeoir atá ag cur faoi i New South Wales, teastas báis James Cogan, ‘Excise Officer, Oldham, England, late of Turton Street, Semaphore’ a d’éag den eitinn 14 Deireadh Fómhair 1898
‘Larkfield Ave, Surrey, England’ an seoladh uireasach aigesean sa teastas pósta
‘When the Church crisis arrived and the energies of the Irish Church were stimulated by the attack of Mr Gladstone, Daniel Foley, with his wonted courage and enthusiasm threw himself into the work of defence which he conducted in England and Scotland during two years with almost ceaseless activity, displaying those strong mental and moral qualities for which he was distinguished.’ Tugadh le tuiscint gurbh í an tsíorobair a mhill a shláinte
He took away my book and I never saw it more as he went over to England where he died some years later
Scríobhadh tuairisc air um Nollaig 1797: ‘MacNeven went for England a few days since in a wherry from Clontarf and was nearly lost; I suppose he went to Yarmouth
I 1788 a d’éag an chéad bhean agus phós sé baintreach Denny Baker Cuffe i mBaile Átha Cliath agus ina diaidhsean bean de mhuintir Mhic Fhlannchadha i gContae an Chláir. Maidir lena sheirbhís i mBriogáid na hÉireann deir Hayes: ‘Regarding O’Gorman’s military service, of which little is known, it may be of interest to mention, that he was one of the two hundred Irish officers in the French army who in 1779 offered their services to the United States in the war against England.’
Bhí sé ina Ghobharnóir ar an ‘Corporation for the Spread of the Gospel in New England’. Casadh Andrew FitzJohn Sall[q.v.] air in Oxford tuairim 1678
De réir na teistíochta a rinne Niall Garbh Ó Domhnaill ar 7 Lúnasa 1606 bhí Mac Artúir gníomhach i Sasana (’That one Robert McArthur, a Jesuit, is now in England, in the habit of a captain, and doth from thence advertise the Earls of all occurences’)
Deir Owen: ‘He spent much of the war years working for the allied cause in England