Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 1
Dúirt an scoláire mór Pokorny [q.v.] ina leabhar ar stair na hÉireann in 1933: ‘The School of Irish Learning in Dublin finally laid the foundation for a succesful study of the Irish past in Ireland, under his [Meyer’s] direction and that of Strachan’. In Brae in aice le baile Keith in Banffshire a rugadh John Strachan ar 31 Eanáir 1862 ··· To those who had the good fortune to work with him or be numbered among his students his severe conception of scholarship and his ungrudging devotion in its service will ever remain a guiding force and an inspiration’ (Ériu Vol 4 1907). Bhí sé pósta le Mina Grant, iníon a sheanmháistir in Keith