Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 3
Grey, Béal Feirsteach, Focus a thabhairt amach ··· Ag an am sin scríobhadh in Irish Spotlight, iris Chaitliceach Rómhánach: ‘The October number of Focus announces that unless the financial position improves to meet increased costs of about £250 per annum the December issue must be the last ··· Focus is an inter-denominational Irish Protestant monthly which in these last few years has done invaluable work in the cause of enlightened tolerance and mutual understanding ··· While one could not agree with everything said in any journal, we do feel that the withdrawal of Focus would be a grave loss to the cause of ecumenism in Ireland’ (i gcló in Eagarthóir) ··· Bhí comhfhreagras ar siúl aige ar feadh a shaoil le scríbhneoirí, polaiteoirí, eaglasaigh agus eile, comhfhreagras a bhain le Focus, le taighde agus le hobair na Gaeilge
Scríobhadh sé ailt agus léirmheasanna in An Sagart, An tUltach, Focus, Lá, Theology, New Divinity..
For this I stand humiliated before them.’ In Focus, Aibreán 1960 deir sí: ‘The idealists had spilled their blood for high traditions of culture rather than for material independence, but the people had too long lost these traditions to be interested