Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 4
Dúradh in Clare Journal 20 Iúil 1914 go raibh sí ina cigire Gaeilge i mbunscoileanna Bhrisbane agus thagair dá huncail: ‘Like him she was an enthusiastic supporter of the Irish Language and Gaelic Revival and in the early years of the movement gave herself wholeheartedly to its encouragement
MacNamara, in ‘Letters of an Exile’ (in Limerick Field Club Journal 1905–8 agus in North Munster Archaeological Society Journal 1909–11) nóta gur phós sé iníon le Solomon Salmon, ar dóigh gur bhaincéir Sasanach é, ‘and died in his house in Great Britain Street, Dublin, on the night of Tuesday February 28th, 1809 in the 45th (46th?) year of his age, as may be proved by reference to the Clare Journal of March 7th of that year’
Even if Lloyd and Ó Míocháin could overcome the technical difficulty of producing a typeface in Gaelic lettering, there was not in existence a public who could read the language, the reading public was literate in English only.’ Chuir Ó Míocháin fógra in Clare Journal, 1 Feabhra 1779 ag lorg poist dó: ‘A person well qualified to instruct young ladies in reading, writing and Geography; and also to fit young gentlemen for the army, navy or compting house; would engage in one good family or accept the joint encouragement of two or more neighbouring ones; his morals and abilities can be very sufficiently attested and his terms known by applying to Mr
Tuairiscíodh in Clare Journal gur chuir an sagart a mhallacht ón altóir ar thuismitheoirí a bhí ag cur a leanaí ar na scoileanna úd ach shéan sé sin