Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 1
Thug sé péire de léachtaí Dáibhíseacha RTÉ: ‘Longas mac nUisnig’ in 1955 (i gcló in Irish sagas, 1959 in eagar ag Myles Dillon [B4]); ‘The collectors of Irish dialect material’ in 1973 (i gcló in The English language in Ireland, 1977 in eagar ag Diarmaid Ó Muirithe). Thairg sé an tSanscrait a mhúineadh do Mhac Cana agus do Phádraig Ó Fiannachta: ‘Such remarkable generosity needs no further explanation than as a trait of character, but I think it is also true that Gordon so enjoyed teaching receptive students that he was ever willing and ready to take on extra pedagogic committments which encroached seriously on the time available for his personal research