Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 3
It was estimated to be about three to one in favour of my resolution, and it settled the question conclusively in the country in view of the representative nature of the National Convention’ (John Boland, Irishman’s diary: a day in the life of an Irish M.P.). Is dóigh gurbh é an t-aon iarbhall den Choiste Gnó é a chuaigh isteach in Arm na Breataine in 1914
‘Though only a student of the language and not a native speaker, I was able to reinforce an argument in favour of Scottish Gaelic, when a Scottish Bill was considered in Grand Committee, by using Irish, and the Chairman did not pull me up on that occasion’ (Irishman’s Day: A day in the life of an Irish M.P
Molony had gone day ater day to Catholic schools in different parts o London so that the Irish children should be trained in the singing of the Irish hymns’ (Irishman’s Day)