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Déanann Maurice Gorham an tagairt seo dó in 40 years of Irish broadcasting: “Clandillon had got his long-promised Assistant Director and an exceptionally good one”
Thabharfá leat ó Forty years of Irish broadcasting (1967) le Maurice Gorham gurbh é fáth na moille fada sin a dheacra a bhí sé ag an am cómhaith Shéamuis a aimsiú chun déileáil le ceoltóirí agus amhránaithe traidisiúnta
Dúirt Maurice Gorham ina thaobh: ‘Personally I think this one of the best radio feature programmes I have heard from any station and I was glad to hear that it was to be repeated for the fiftieth anniversary of the Rising in 1966’ (Forty years of Irish broadcasting, 1967)
Deir Maurice Gorham (Forty Years of Irish Broadcasting, 1967): ‘The name of Michael Bowles is most often associated with the pioneering of public symphony concerts in Dublin, but vixere fortes ante Agamemnon, and much brave effort had been made to pave the way for the successful series that he started in 1941’; agus luann sé na ceolchoirmeacha a d’eagraigh Radio Éireann roimh 1941
Dúirt Gorham faoin mBranach: ‘That this anomalous arrangement could continue, and continue to work satisfactorily, was due in great measure to the forbearance of the Secretary of Posts and Telegraphs, León Ó Broin, who was largely responsible for the setting-up of the semi-independent regime and for the move towards full independence that was always kept in view.’ (Forty Years of Irish Broadcasting, 1967)
Tá cuntas air in: Inniu 18 Meán Fómhair 1953; Forty Years of Irish Broadcasting, 1966 le Maurice Gorham; Inniu 24 Márta 1972 le Risteárd Ó Glaisne; Irish Times 31 Nollaig 1984 le Seán Mac Réamoinn
Deir Maurice Gorham in Forty Years of Irish Broadcasting, 1967 agus é ag tagairt don bhliain 1961: ‘The chief achievement of the year, however, was the winning of the Italia Prize, the international award, which was held in high esteem; more than twenty national broadcasting stations entered for it, and some of them devoted an enormous amount of special effort to the programmes they entered
In Forty Years of Irish Broadcasting, 1967 liostaíonn Maurice Gorham é mar dhuine de na haisteoirí raidió, cúigear is fiche díobh, a bhí ar an bhfoireann i 1965
Deir Maurice Gorham, duine de chomharbaí Shéamuis (Forty Years of Irish Broadcasting, 1967): ‘One of the complaints against the 2RN programmes was that she was heard too often; “Mairéad Ní On-Again”, her detractors called her.’ Chuir Máighréad agus SéamusAn Londubh, 1904 amach
Deir Maurice Gorham in Forty years of Irish broadcasting, 1967: ‘But he betrayed an ominous attitude towards the broadcasting station when he asserted that all important matters had been, and were still being, attended to from his office, and the only work that devolved on the station staff was really the engagement of artists and the compilation of programmes’
Ach thabharfaí as Forty years of Irish broadcasting (Gorham 1967), gurbh é fáth na moille a dheacracht a bhí sé cómhaith Ennis a aimsiú