Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 6
The pioneers of comparative Indo-European linguistics were inevitably hampered by inadequate philological information on the different chronological stages of the non-classical languages upon which they worked, with the result that they often failed to cite the oldest forms available.’ Deir sé go raibh Bopp ag brath ar fhoclóirí agus ar leabhair ghramadaí nach raibh iontaofa. ‘Bopp’s researches, carried with wonderful penetration into the most minute and almost microscopic details of linguistic phenomena, have led to the opening up of a wide and distant affinity and the tenets, practices and domestic usages of the ancient Indo-European nations, and the science of comparative grammar may truly be said to date from his earliest publications.’ (eagrán 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica)
Tá cuntas air in Encyclopedia Britannica (eagrán 1911)
Deir Sigerson gur scríobh sé an t-alt faoin gCeiltis in Encyclopaedia Britannica
Is léir ar liosta a shaothair ag Rolf Baumgarten in Peritia 5, 1986 go raibh eolas scolártha aige ar réimse leathan den stair, den teanga agus den pholaitíocht; ba é a sholáthair, mar shampla, an t-alt ar Naomh Pádraig in Encyclopaedia Britannica (1970)
Foilsíodh iontrálacha a scríobh sé in The New Catholic Encyclopaedia agus in Encyclopaedia Britannica
Bhí sé ina eolaí ar Naomh Pádraig agus ba é a scríobh an cuntas in Encyclopaedia Britannica