Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 1
Dúirt David Greene: ‘The years abroad brought him to deepen his interest in two areas in which there has been a constant demand for teaching in American universities: on the linguistic side, the relations between Celtic and other Indo-European languages and, on the literary side, the thematic study of the early Irish sagas’. Deir Daniel Binchy sa sceits bheathaisnéiseach in Celts and Aryans: Survivals of Indo-European speech and society , 1975: ‘In 1966 he was elected President of the Royal Irish Academy but resigned office after a few months on a question of principle’. D’fhoilsigh Rolf Baumgarten liosta a shaothair in uimhir speisialta chuimhneacháin de Celtica i 1976 ··· Chadwick); Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the Franciscan Library, Killiney, 1969 (i gcomhpháirt le Cainneach Ó Maonaigh[B2] agus Pádraig de Brún); Stories from the Acallam, 1970; Celts and Aryans. Survivals of Indo-European speech and society, 1975