Líon alt a bhfuil an ghné seo luaite iontu: 1
Tá cuntas air ag Norman Moore[B2] in Dictionary of National Biography agus cuntais eile in Anthologia Hibernica, Márta 1793 (‘Memoirs of life and writings of Thomas Leland ··· Ba é tuairim scríbhneora in Anthologia Hibernica: ‘By this publication Dr Leland never could entertain a rational hope of extending his fame, for he never evinced the smallest specimen of a fondness for original researches into Irish Antiquities: unless we can call such his An Examination of the arguments contained in a late introduction [by James Macpherson] to the history of the antient Irish and Scots, 1772.’ Dúirt sé freisin: ‘In this history, on which his friends with ill-judged fondness dwell, we find very trifling intimations of the constitution, government and laws of Ireland; nothing of its learning, commerce, coin or shipping; nothing of its architecture, poetry, or music, though admirable specimens of these exist; nothing of the language, dress, diversions, diet and customs of the Irish