Systematic amendments to original text

The following is a list of the main differences between the original text in the Beathaisnéis series and the on line version on this site.

Corrections and additional information

Over 600 of the previously published biographies were updated to reflect corrections and additional information which came to light since the biographies were first written.

Editing/adjustment for publication on line

All of the biographies were edited for on-line publication. This was mainly to achieve consistency –punctuation, spelling and grammar – in all the biographies. The following are some examples:

  • The form c. (=circa) in italics, with a full stop and no space, was used, for example: c.1964.
  • The following abbreviation is used to indicate a decade: ‘na 1920idí’ and ‘na 1860idí’.
  • Specific dates are written like this: ‘2 Nollaig 1945’

Index and headings of the biographies

Some of the names in the index and in the headings of the print volumes differ from those on the Web site.

  • Main name and other names: In the case of people who have more than one name, the main name is given as a heading in the print volumes and the other versions of the name are given in brackets, for example pen names, English versions of the name, etc. On the Web site however, the person’s main name is listed in the alphabetical list of biographies and in the headings and the other names are in the information boxes to the right of each biography. For example, BARRACHOILL, Roibeárd [Berryhill] is the title in volume 5 but BARRACHOILL, Roibeárd is the heading on the Web site. The English version, Robert Berryhill, is included as ‘other name’ in the information box. The other names are linked to the main name so as to bring you to the correct biography, even if you search for the person under another name.
  • Women’s surnames: The masculine versions of the women’s surnames are used in the print volumes for alphabetical listing in the index. These surnames have been changed on the Web site to whichever version the women used. For example, ‘Ó CONAILL, Eibhlín Dubh [Ní Chonaill]’ is the heading in volume 6 but ‘NÍ CHONAILL, Eibhlín Dubh’ is the heading on the Web site. The masculine versions are connected to the main name so as to bring you to the correct biography, even if you search for the person under the masculine name.

Cross-references to other biographies

In the series Beathaisnéis the abbreviations [B1], [B2], [B3] etc. after people’s names are used to indicate that the biography of that person is in another volume. The abbreviation [q.v.] is used to indicate that that person’s biography is in the same volume. These abbreviations have been deleted from the Web site as you can now click on people’s names and be taken straight to the appropriate biography. There is also the link ‘Naisc anall’ to the right of various biographies i.e. a list of biographies which contain a cross-reference to the one you are reading. When there is a relationship between parent and child in a link between them is displayed under ‘Gaolta teaghlaigh’ on the side of the page.

Placenames in the text

  • The names of the counties, cities and towns have been changed in accordance with the official spelling on
  • The format of the placenames has been edited to ensure consistency throughout. For example, the full word ‘Íochtarach’ is written instead of the abbreviation ‘Íocht.’; ‘Contae’ is used instead of ‘Co.’ (‘Coiste Gairmoideachais Chontae Bhaile Átha Cliath’ instead of ‘Coiste Gairmoideachais Cho. Bhaile Átha Cliath’).