Líon alt a aimsíodh: 5
Ba é Thomas Fitzpatrick a athair agus an sloinne chéanna a bhí ar a mháthair Mary ··· Dhoire, a rugadh é [Bernard Fitzpatrick] 13 Meitheamh 1888
Fitzpatrick, in Dictionary of National Biography agus in Times to cherish, Cashel and Rosegreen parish history 1795-1995, 1994 ag Séamus D ··· Thiobraid Árann, a rugadh é, mar a raibh a athair Thomas, arbh as Baile an Teampaill, Dún Droma, dó, ina mháistir scoile
1927 le Thomas F ··· Deir Ó Rathile: ‘By his transcript (made in Castletown, in 1622) of the Book of the O’Byrnes he has placed all lovers of our literature under a lasting debt of gratitude, for otherwise this most valuable collection would have been utterly lost.’ Deir Carrigan: ‘Dr Fitzpatrick had laboured for many years in Ossory, apparently in Fitzpatrick’s country, in the northern portion of the Diocese ··· Deir Carrigan ansin: ‘He may, not unreasonably, be identified with Father Bryan or Bernard Fitzpatrick.. ··· 1653 dáta an áir sin dar le Fearghus Ó Fearghail in Kilkenny History and Society, 1990 (William Nolan agus Kevin Whelan); ‘Bernard Fitzpatrick who had administered the díocese after Rothe’s [q.v.] death from his hiding place in his ancestral home in county Laois was tracked down and killed in 1653.’
Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin, 1841-1921: No Uncertain Voice, 2000 le Thomas J ··· Bhí an buachaill óg ar scoil ag Mr FitzPatrick éigin i Sráid Pheadair agus ansin i gcliarscoil chónaitheach Naomh Lorcán Ó Tuathail i Sráid Fhearchair
Mr Lysaght was one of those admired characters who have acquired merited popularity and esteem from a grateful people for genuine patriotism and a firm adherence to the equity of the British constitution.’ Bhí ardmheas ag Thomas Moore air: ‘I look back on Lysaght with feelings of love; his words were like drops of music.’ Cara mór ó bhí siad ar scoil le chéile i gCaiseal ba ea John Lanigan [q.v.] agus deir Fitzpatrick fúthu: ‘In “pleasant Ned Lysaght”, who was a contemporary with him at Mr Hare’s school, John Lanigan found a kindred spirit as far as inherent talent was concerned, though in moral attributes they differed widely ··· Fitzpatrick sliocht as litir a scríobh an Déan Kenny, Cill Dalua, in 1871: ‘In my early days, before the publication of Moore’s Irish melodies, the songs of Ned Lysaght were much prized in the county Clare but especially in rebel circles