Líon alt a aimsíodh: 6
Ba é Owen Young agus Olivia Bell a thuismitheoirí ··· Webb air in Trinity College Dublin 1592-1952: ‘A polymath of erudition, piety and charm.’ Tá aiste in Celtica XI, 1976 ag William O’Sullivan (‘The Irish manuscripts in Case H in Trinity CollegeDublin catalogued by Matthew Young in 1781’); níor tháinig an saothar sin 1781 le Young chun solais go dtí le fíordheireanas ··· Walker[q.v.] i 1786: ‘My best respects to Dr Young ··· Réice ba ea Owen; bhochtaigh sé a chlann agus níl sé luaite fiú in iontráil Mhaitiú in Alumni Dubliniensis ··· Doctor Young, but previously a most respectable and respected senior fellow of Trinity College Dublin (in which University I had the happiness of spending nearly 12 years under his kind and generous tutelage) was warmly affected towards the cultivation of Irish literature
Bhí baint aige le Feis Iorrais, é ina mholtóir sna comórtais liteartha, agus thuairiscigh sé 16 Aibreán 1904: ‘We were very much surprised at the facility with which a crowd of young fellows from around Blacksod and other country districts read any piece of Irish prose or verse which we handed to them ··· Speak to young or old here and you will not get either a blank stare or a cold reply in broken English but a courteous answer’ ··· Nuair a bhí an raic faoi James Owen Hannay [B4] ar siúl thuairiscigh Sinn Féin 6 Deireadh Fómhair 1906: ‘A Gaelic League organiser—Mr Fitzhenry—then proposed an amendment, the effect of which was to exclude Mr Hannay and the chairman supported the amendment, giving as his reason for doing so that it excluded the Rev
Tá cuntas air in Inis-Owen and Tirconnell, being some account of Antiquities and Writers of the Co ··· he lived in yonder old walls in common with the young priests whom he prepared for the mission
the Dublin Society, will undertake to instruct young Gentlemen and Ladies in the principles of their own language in a few months, on moderate terms; and at same time will teach Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Italian, High and Low Dutch, if required; as also the Elements of Mathematicks, and likewise Logick, Metaphysick, Ethicks, and some other branches of Science ··· In The Sword of Light, 1939 deir Desmond Ryan: ‘Owen Connellan [q.v.] described this now forgotten book very charitably, as written with too much haste, under adverse circumstances, but abounding in brilliant passages of great spirit and beauty, with many powerful invectives against anti-Irish writers.’ Deir Ryan freisin: ‘This quaint character lived in miserable lodgings and dined on penny rolls and glasses of buttermilk.’ Bhí sé ar dhuine de bhunaitheoirí an Gaelic Society in 1806—deir an Casaideach gurbh é an chéad rúnaí é ach b’fhéidir nár chaith sé ach tamall an-ghairid sa phost—agus iarradh air ‘dissertations illustrative of those subjects more intimately connected with the language and antiquities of Ireland’ a ullmhú don chumann
Bhí scoil aige i mBóthar Mín cúig mhíle taobh thiar den Uaimh tamall roimh 1826 agus d’fhógair sé: ‘In teaching the young our old Mother Tongue/ At least I may venture to mention / I’m better than some who greedily thumb / The Bible-Society-Pension.’ Is cosúil go raibh cónaí air i mBaile Átha Cliath in 1824 mar tá Mr P ··· It runs thus: Peter, the son of Luke, who was the son of William the son of Luke, who was the son of John, who was the son of Donnell, the son of Donogh, who was the son of Owen More, head of the O Dalys of Kilconnell in 1656, and relative of Colonel Dermot O Daly, who fought against Cromwell at the battle of Kilconnell
While sitting and resting himself in a little room off the shop, a gentleman of the Crofton family came in, and began to take some liberties with a young woman who had care of the shop ··· In Nua-Léamha deir Ó Muraíle faoina dhiscréidí a bhí Cathal Ó Conchubhair faoin gcéad chuntas ar an dúnmharú: ‘Tharlódh go raibh cúis aige leis an discréid a léirigh sé: ó mo thaighde féin, measaim go bhfuil seans láidir ann gur gharmhac é Thomas Crofton le duine de ghaolta Chathail – gur cosúil go raibh bean darbh ainm Onóra, iníon Ruaidhrí Uí Chonchubhair Dhoinn, ina seanmháthair aige.’ Ach is é focal scoir Uí Mhuraíle: ‘In the end, when all possible avenues have been explored, we are compelled to confess that the precise identity of Thomas Crofton who murdered Dubhaltach Mac Fhirbhisigh and the precise circumstances that provoked the crime are likely to forever remain a mystery.’ Scríobh scoláire eile Thír Fhiachrach, Owen Connellan[B6], gur i gCill Ghlas, Co