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Ba é an seachtú mac é ag John Walmesley agus Mary Greaves ··· John the Apostle, by Signor Pastorini, 1771 ··· John, formed the basis for a dramatic outbreak of millenarian excitement in the 1820s.’ Faoin gceannteideal ‘Millenarianism’ deirtear in Oxford companion to Irish history: ‘During 1822–4 the prophecies of Pastorini, in which the Book of Revelation was interpreted as foretelling the violent destruction in 1825 of the forces of Protestantism, gave the Rockite movement in Munster and Leinster a tone of revolutionary excitement, and a sectarian edge, not seen in other agrarian movements.’ Clóbhuaileadh é ceithre huaire idir 1790 agus 1815 i mBaile Átha Cliath, in 1816 i mBéal Feirste, agus i gCorcaigh in 1820 agus 1821 ··· D’éag Walmesley in Bath 25 Samhain 1797 agus tá sé curtha i mBriostó