Líon alt a aimsíodh: 1
Mac ba ea é le Boles D’Arcy Reeves, aturnae corrmhéiniúil, agus Mary Roberts agus is sa Ráth, Co ··· Dúradh ina thaobh: ‘No more notable figure in the field of Irish antiquities and Irish bibliography ever lived than William Reeves.’ (Irish Book Lover, Feabhra 1911) ··· He was a frequent visitor at the Diocesan School, Ballymena, when Dr Reeves was principal and I was a pupil... ··· I often heard him holding an Irish conversation with Dr Reeves, and he was most particular in endeavouring to impress upon the latter the true pronunciation of the words”’ ··· Bhí daoine i measc léitheoirí an Chlaidhimh a raibh aithne acu ar Reeves ach níor scríobh siad go raibh dul amú ar Niven