Líon alt a aimsíodh: 3
Bhí a athair Arthur Hyde (d’éag 1905) ina reachtaire i gCill Mhic Treana ag an am ··· Scríobh Diarmuid Coffey[q.v.] a bheathaisnéis chomh luath le 1917 (Douglas Hyde: an Craoibhín Aoibhinn, 1917; is é teideal an dara heagráin Douglas Hyde: President of Ireland, 1938) ··· Daly a leabhar The Young Douglas Hyde: the dawn of the Irish revolution and renaissance 1874–1893, 1974 ··· I 1991 d’fhoilsigh Preas Ollscoil ChaliforniaDouglas Hyde: a maker of modern Ireland, le Janet Egleson Dunleavy agus Gareth W ··· Sa tsraith Irish Writers ag Bucknell University Press bhí Douglas Hyde, 1974 le Gareth W.Dunleavy
Bheadh a hathairsean ina easpag ar Chill Dalua agus bhí sí síolraithe go díreach ó Arthur Guinness ··· His discovery that the Sole Island of his Admiralty chart was the Island of Souls brought home to him more vividly than any printed page what Hyde really meant when he preached the de-Anglicisation of Ireland’
Ar 19 Bealtaine 1902: ‘To Mr Moore’s Garden Party where Dr Hyde’s little play “The Tinker and the Fairy” – in Irish of course – was played ··· Mr Pearse is only 23, young enough if I had married very early indeed, to be my son yet Hester [iníon le George Sigerson B1], and I dare say others, didn’t think my coming with him over proper: however – I came and he at least seems to have no hesitation in accepting the situation as a matter of course, which is a blessing.’ Bhí sí geallta le Arthur Conan (1866-1903) ··· Arthur is dying and I must trudge along through the twilight and into the darkness alone.’ Foilsíodh A Selection of Mary Hayden’s Writings, 2006