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Ba é Alexander Macalister, an t-ollamh le míoleolaíocht i gColáiste na Tríonóide, a athair, agus ba í Elizabeth Stewart as Perth na hAlban a mháthair ··· Macalister, a member at present in Jerusalem, has forwarded copies of his “Life of St Fionan”, edited by him from an old manuscript, and just printed at Halle, Germany’ ··· Macalister, a distinguished Cambridge graduate with an already high reputation as an archaeologist ··· It is pleasant to record that Macalister and he became warm friends, and that Macalister came to MacNeill’s aid during the trouble which followed Easter 1916 with admirable generosity and self-sacrifice’ ··· Eachtra Mhacaoimh-an-Iolair (1908) (Rinne Tomás Ó Rathile[B2] léirmheas air in Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge, Lúnasa 1909: ‘The very mildest thing that can be said of Mr Macalister’s book, is that it is thoroughly unsatisfactory